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8 Secrets To a Low-Stress First Birthday Party

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8 Secrets To a Low-Stress First Birthday Party

For many parents, a child’s first birthday is a milestone that calls for a big celebration. However, many parents are also now thinking twice about throwing a huge, expensive party for their toddler’s first birthday. After all, toddlers will hardly remember the effort and expenses the parents will put in for the party.

Parents, though, still have the option of giving their child a wonderful and memorable first birthday party in Dubai without the stress normally associated with it. The key is in planning a party that won’t drive you to the edge and not regret spending a lot of time and money yet at the same time, throw a bash that you, your toddler, and all the guests will love.

Below are eight secrets to planning and hosting a low-stress, fun birthday party for your soon-to-be one-year-old:

1. Keep the theme simple or skip it

A first birthday is already a theme for many parents. However, if you want the party to be cohesive, you can choose and operate around a theme.

This doesn’t mean you should spend hours online on Pinterest and other sites looking for a unique or cute theme. The process of doing so will stress you out and the actual planning will pressure you even more.

If you want or need a theme, stick to a simple and easy one such as teddy bears or trains.

2. Opt for an outdoor venue

A nearby park, playground or your lawn is the perfect venue for your child’s first birthday party.

If you will be having the party at a park or playground, you simply bring the cake, snacks, favours, balloons, and a banner. In case you will be having it at your lawn, you simply bring out a few chairs, tables, and the other items listed earlier. You can rent these furniture pieces if you don’t have enough of them and you will even get help from the rental company staff in arranging them.

With an outdoor venue, the kids will have plenty of space to play in and move around. If there is a playset, you won’t even have to worry about preparing games since they already have something they can play at.

Best of all, by throwing the party outdoors, the mess and clean-up will be minimal.

3. Limit the number of your guests

Although you may want a lot of guests to celebrate this important milestone, nothing can be more stressful than having a lot of guests during the party. As such, you will have to limit your guest list.

If your baby isn’t fond of noisy, crowded settings, you may even have to consider a family-only party. Keep in mind that if your baby isn’t having fun during the party, you and the guests won’t as well.

4. Consider your baby’s naptime

Nobody wants a cranky, crying baby during the party. As such, it is best to time your child’s party after his or her afternoon nap. By doing so, you will be sure your little one will be in a good mood.

In case you will be inviting guests with infants or toddlers, it will be impossible to plan around everyone’s different nap schedules. Because of this, another option you can consider is to have a party earlier in the day (a brunch party) since most young kids are more active and happier in the morning.

5. Avoid going DIY

If you want to have a less stressful birthday party, avoid baking, making snacks, and hand-making the party decors and favours.

Even if you will be having a small party, you will need a lot of time to do everything. You can focus better on making the event a success if you buy the cake (customised or regular) from your favourite bakeshop. Find out if your event planner offers party favours and party decorations in Dubai so that you can purchase these from them as well.

And when it’s time to decorate the venue, get help. If you have older kids, you can let them handle this part, too.

6. Prepare an adult- and child-friendly buffet table

Since your guest list will likely include children and adults, you need to prepare a spread that will cater to both group’s preferences.

To reduce your prep work and after-party clean-up, prepare a buffet table with self-serve treats. Finger foods and snacks are perfect for both adults and kids since they are easy to hold and eat.

Don’t forget to add some fresh fruits and veggies and dips to your buffet table so that your guests will have something healthy to eat as well.

7. Take photos before the party starts

Once you have set up the venue, snap as many pictures as you can. Have your photos taken with your toddler with the decorated venue in the background. Take a few photos of your child and other loved ones as well.

Keep in mind that after the guests arrive, you will be busy throughout the affair. Your baby may be overwhelmed by all the activities as well. You might not have a lot of opportunities to take photos and to get shots of your behaving toddler, so do this before the chaos starts.

8. Keep it short

Lastly, toddlers and young kids get overstimulated quickly. Toddlers, in particular, tend to be discomfited easily when there are many strange faces around

To avoid having a cranky toddler and crying kids during the party, limit the party duration to two hours or less. By doing so, everyone, including your child, can leave the party on a high note.

Follow the tips above if you’re already planning your child’s first birthday party. By doing so, you will avoid all the stress of preparing for the celebration and, at the same time, have a party which everyone will enjoy, including you.

If you need help with planning a children’s birthday party, get in touch with us at The Big Moo today.

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