We’ve Been VERY Good This Year!

The Big Moo was very very very good this year. We made it to all of our events on time, we’ve hired only the best performers, we’ve refurbished our equipment and purchased a LOT of new stuff, AND we’ve kept a great attitude through all of that (ok, so the last one was a bit of a fib because we are guilty of flying off the handle sometimes!). But honestly, we’ve made our clients very happy, and for that, we would like to be rewarded like good little boys and girls!

For Christmas, we wish for our clients to be happy and healthy, and to have lots and lots of events with us. We also wish for some really cool events to come our way because we will ROCK them!

Our Beach Themed Splash Parties are All the Rage This Summer!

Surf boards, beach umbrellas, beach balls, sand and all the fixings – no one does beach splash parties like The Big Moo does! What kind of fun goes along with this theme? None other than our bouncers filled with foam, the Soapy Soccer, and our Mega Slide turned into a water slide to add speed to your plunge!