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How to Choose the Perfect Bouncy Castle for Your Kid’s Party

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How to Choose the Perfect Bouncy Castle for Your Kid’s Party

Good food, balloons, and a tasty cake are the main ingredients of a good party. But one with a bouncy castle is a whole different party altogether.

Inflatables can bring a different dimension of fun to your kid’s party. Bouncy castles, for example, offer a different sort of entertainment for children. While these inflatable play areas provide fun and games, there are a set of health benefits bouncy castles can offer that parents should consider as well.

At The Big Moo, we offer a line of bouncy castle rentals to our clients. All you need to do is pick the one that’s just right for your kid’s party. If you need tips on getting the best bouncy castle for your child and his or her guests, below is a guide to help you choose the perfect one:

Talk to your Child

This might be an obvious step, but talking to your child is an excellent place to start. You have two options when it comes to going to your kid for help.

  • Tell your child you’re getting a bouncy castle and directly ask for what kind they would like.
  • If you want the bouncy castle to be a surprise, observe your child to learn what he or she gets excited about as well as his or her likes and dislikes.

If you are going for option two, it may take a bit of effort. However, if you have been particularly observant and know what to ask or look for, it shouldn’t take too long until you get some ideas on how to plan the rest of the party.

Does your child doodle cartoon characters? Does your child have specific favourite storybooks and characters in the story? Does your child endlessly talk about a particular comic book superhero, or sometimes even plays the part during pretend play?

Pay attention to specific details while you’re spending time with your child, like:

  • Which cartoons or characters are their favourites (i.e., superheroes, princesses)?
  • What hobbies currently interest them (i.e., sports, horseback riding)?
  • What activities do they find fun (i.e., biking, board games)?

Factors to Consider when getting a Bouncy Castle

Choosing the right children’s bouncy castle for your party should be a breeze once you have all of the following items finalised:


Take note of how big the venue is for your kid’s party. Bouncy castle rentals can take up a bit of space. So it’s best to know the layout of your party before deciding on an inflatable.

Mark down where everything should go: the food, the DJ, the tables. Then look at the available space left over, if possible maybe even measure it. Getting an accurate measurement can help you pick the bouncy castle that will safely fit into the available space.

Also, consider shifting the layout around to make ample room for your kid’s bouncy castle. Remember to take into consideration the flow of traffic at your party. You want to place the bouncy castle where the kids can get in and out safely without harming themselves or other guests.


A bouncy castle can make or break a kid’s party. Before picking one, however, check your budget. It will help you significantly narrow down your choices.

Health Benefits of a Bouncy Castle

Besides endless fun, bouncy castles also provide a number of health benefits for children.

  • The first and foremost health benefit of hiring a bouncy castle would be the exercise it can stimulate. Entertainment for children today, like video games and TV, don’t really support an active lifestyle. Parents need to come up with creative ways to get their children to be active. A bouncy castle is a great way to get the kids’ blood pumping.
  • While they’re jumping about and running around the bouncy castle, kids will improve their balance and strengthen their legs.
  • Besides getting your kids to be more active, bouncy castles also help develop their imaginations. Girls that dream of becoming princesses can be just that in a castle-shaped bouncy house. Boys that dream of being a superhero can “fly” up in the air in the bouncy castle.
  • Unlike tech devices, bouncy castles also encourage kids to interact with each other improving their social skills.
  • Besides social skills, bouncy houses can also improve critical thinking in children. There are inflatable castles with mazes and obstacles which challenge the minds of children and adults alike.

Types of Bouncy Castles

As an event planner for kids’ parties, we at the Big Moo have an array of bouncy castles available for our clients. Telling us the type of bouncy castles you want is a good place to start your search. Below are some popular types of bouncy castles whether or not you plan on hiring one just for the kids, or even one for the “kids at heart.”

  • Inflatable slides – These are just like a slide in a playground, but bouncier and more fun. They come in a range of sizes from big to small to gigantic.
  • Obstacle Course Bouncy Castles – This type of bouncy castle can entertain older kids because they are quite challenging.
  • Bouncy pools – These can either be filled with a bunch of colourful balls or water. There are some simple designs and more elaborate ones, too. Some have inflatable slide attachments.
  • Adult Bouncy Houses – These are similar to the obstacle course castles mentioned earlier, except that they are tailored for adults.

Other Inflatables

Besides bouncy castles, there are other fun inflatables you can add to your kid’s party. Some of the inflatables we have at the Big Moo include:

  • Inflatable race track for 4×4 quad bikes
  • Zorb ball
  • Inflatable mechanical bull
  • Giant inflatable board games
  • Fly on the wall

After taking the considerations above in mind, it’s time to order the perfect bouncy castle for your child. Let us know all your thoughts on what you think would be the best bouncy castle for your party. We’ll scour our inventory for the one that meets your needs. If we don’t have it, we’ll find it for you.

Get in touch with us or drop us a line at The Big Moo for any of your bouncy castle and general party requirements.

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