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From its modest beginnings as the UAE’s first and only singing telegram provider, The Big Moo’s activities have expanded dramatically to encompass unique and spectacular event ideas. Over the years, we have organized public events, corporate events, and private parties, providing our clients everything from event entertainers to party decorations to inflatables.

Event Management

Our team is not only dedicated to providing the best quality products and services, but we are also dedicated to bringing new and unique event concepts to the UAE at affordable prices. As one of the leading event management companies in Dubai, our commitment to providing our clients with the best customer service is what drives us forward and has fuelled our recent expansion.

Our talented in-house event entertainers are available to bring life to any event. From magicians to face painters, and dancers to balloon benders, The Big Moo has it all!

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We Take Fun Seriously!



Corporate family events are important in building teamwork and camaraderie within members of the company. It helps foster stronger, better professional intradepartmental and interdepartmental relationships.

Most importantly, it helps employees know that they are all valuable to the company, regardless of their tenure or position. Holding corporate family days boost morale. Plus, these events make for an excellent way to express a company’s gratitude to its employees.

As such, it is important that each event is given appropriate attention to ensure that they run as smoothly as possible while leaving a positive impact on all guests and participants. If you want your corporate family events to be as successful as you envision it to be, entrust the task to The Big Moo. We have the knowledge and expertise to deliver results for you, regardless of the occasion.


We offer versatility

Whether you are celebrating a milestone reached by the company, or looking for a creative alternative to the conventional staff party, we can help you out. We specialise in creating unique and fun experiences for any corporate objective.

We can design any event to achieve the results you want delivered. If you want to initiate social interaction and collaboration between two teams or departments, we can create an event that helps build team dynamics. On the other hand, if you simply want to celebrate your employees’ hard work and dedication over the past year, we can prepare relaxed yet fun family day activities for you.

Complete dedication

As a full-service provider in Dubai, we take pride in our dedication to producing excellent results at competitive prices. As such, we here at The Big Moo are continuously searching and developing new and unique event concepts to introduce to clients. Being one of the leading events management companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we seek to deliver value for money each and every time.

We are ceaselessly expanding our entertainment portfolio to include new in-house mascots, party and fun park equipment, and professional entertainers – any and all resource that will enable us to create an enriching, engaging, and entertaining environment for everyone.

Services for other occasions

Aside from corporate events, we also offer services for kid’s birthday parties.

We have entertainers and equipment at hand to make your child’s birthday celebration as fun and memorable as possible. From mascots to bouncy castles we can create an experience for that day that your child will remember for a lifetime.

So if you are looking to have a special family day but have run out of corporate family fun day ideas, we can lend a helping hand.

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