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5 Party Decor Mistakes Rookie Hosts Often Make

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5 Party Decor Mistakes Rookie Hosts Often Make

If you will be throwing a party for the first time, be kind to yourself. Nobody expects you to get everything right on your first try. There are lessons, tips, and tricks that you can only learn through experience, and if you are a complete rookie, you simply do not have that to serve your advantage yet.

For example, deciding on party decor can be tricky. This is an element of party planning that rookie hosts typically struggle with even if they have a lot of experiences going to birthdays and other kinds of parties. A lot of mistakes can be committed when it comes to choosing and incorporating party decor into the event.

That being said, it is also important to note that adequate research can help in minimising blunders that you can make as a rookie party host. We, at the Big Moo, can help you with this. As trusted party organisers and suppliers in Dubai, our work is all about providing the best solutions to party needs. Therefore, we are quite knowledgeable of the typical issues that arise when it comes to putting together celebratory events.

And when it comes to party decor, we certainly are well aware of the mistakes that first-time hosts make because those are what we address with our services. So, what are the most common party decor mistakes of rookie hosts? Read on below.

1. Thinking Pinterest or DIY decor is easy.

Pinterest is definitely a great go-to resource for party decor inspirations. This social media platform is abundant with decor ideas for any occasion. Plus, a lot of the posts include tutorials or instructions on how you can create your own party decor.

The tutorials can make you believe that you can easily create the party decor that you need but this is not always the case. If you are not particularly creative, there is a high likelihood that you will fail in your initial attempts at creating your own party decorations. Plus, even if you pull them off, there will definitely be a big difference between the quality of your work and the finished product displayed on the site.

2. Using too many decorations.

Rookie hosts can be guilty of party accessories and decor overkill. They use too many decorative items that do not necessarily contribute a lot to the experience at their event.

At times, the excessive number of accessories and decor can clash, and even prevent guests from fully engaging in the fun activities. Not only that, too many decorative pieces can crowd the event area and compromise comfort and safety as well.

3. Combining too many colours.

A Crayola box looks good, right? True. But, you have to carefully consider the theme for your celebration. If you have a rainbow theme, you definitely need to have ROYGBIV accents. Ditto if you will be throwing a unicorn- or candy-themed event.

However, if you wish to create a truly visually pleasing setting, it is best to focus on just two dominant colours. Three colours are still fine but perhaps opt for mostly neutral hues.

The main point being made here is that combining too many colours can look quite busy, and when there are too many hues, some will definitely clash with each other.

4. Failing to consider “beautilitarian” decor.

Another rookie mistake with party decor is not combining beauty and utility. If you want to get your money’s worth, consider the different ways that you can use your party favours, entertainment features, and food as decorative pieces.

For example, instead of using flowers that wilt as centrepieces, how about creating an arrangement of lollipops, cookies, and cake pop to decorate tables instead? Or, instead of typical bunting, how about hanging party favours or candies on a string?

At the end of the day, there’ll be fewer decor and waste to dispose of.

5. Decorating for the heck of it.

Some rookies are inclined to think that a party simply needs decor. This mindset prevents them from paying close attention to the ability of decor to enhance the party atmosphere, create a long-lasting impact, and ensure everybody’s having a good time.

So, think more deliberately about the decorations because they are true essentials for a successful event. Decorative lighting, for instance, can actually make dance floors and game areas more inviting. Swag, on the other hand, does not only add a splash of colour to the party venue but they can be used as a runway as well or as a cordon for certain areas of the venue such as the photo booth, the gift table, and the game areas.

Avoid Party Decorating Booboos

Thankfully, in this age of quick access to information, you can easily decrease the number of mistakes that you can make about party planning. You can tap into the experience of people who have thrown a lot of shindigs for their family and other people, as well as the industry expertise of veteran party organisers.

If you are a newbie at hosting a party and you need help with the decor (and all other party elements) to create the best atmosphere for the event, The Big Moo has you covered.

Discuss your plans with us at The Big Moo, and we’ll help you come up with fresh decor ideas, and set up all the accessories and decor for your party as well.

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