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5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Party Theme

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5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Party Theme

Throwing a party can be incredibly fun especially if you’re the creative type or you are organizing a shindig together for someone you are greatly fond of.

But, putting all your great ideas together can be quite confusing and overwhelming. Some of these ideas can take a life of their own and steer you away from forming a solid plan to work with.
This is why it’s good to work with the pros.

We, at The Big Moo, enjoy listening to the unique ideas of our clients and helping them organize their ideas to create an enjoyable and memorable event. Also, we are ready to do the heavy lifting for you, especially if you have zero ideas for planning a party.

One of our top tips for throwing a party to remember is to go with a theme. A party theme automatically makes planning so much easier. Once you have established your theme, you can quickly identify the best activities to incorporate into the event, the décor to use, and all the other vital details for the party.

But, how do you choose a party theme?

We can help with this as well. We have listed below five of the crucial questions to ask when choosing a party theme:

1. “Whom is the party for?”

Is the event going to be for your boss at work or a dear friend or family member?

Naturally, you have to consider the personality of the one for whom the party will be thrown.

You should also consider the people who will be attending. This is because even superbly executed theme parties will have a negative impact if the theme does not align with the character of the person whose special day is being celebrated.

2. “What’s trendy for the party I have in mind?”

There are also different trends for party themes and these trends are worth considering if you really have no idea what theme to use. For older party-goers, period themes are popular. Gatsby-inspired events work particularly for more mature birthday celebrators.

For young children, on the other hand, Disney themes never get old.

Usually, the Disney theme children request for is the latest film release. For example, party planners say that the previous year was all about “Moana” themed children’s parties because “Moana” was the most hyped Disney movie.

Next year, though, after the release of “Mary Poppins,” they expect a lot of little girls’ parties to have a “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Mary Poppins” theme. It will be the trendy theme to watch out for.

3. “Where will the party be held?”

The location can sometimes dictate which themes are workable, so it always helps to take into consideration the venue for the party if you want to make planning easier.
For instance, if the event will take place in a landlocked area and you want a tropical paradise or “beachy” theme, it may require more money and work to achieve the look and feel of such a theme. If you are not keen on doling out a bigger budget because more work will be done, it may be better to opt for a different theme.
But if the party venue will be by the beach, you really should take advantage of the beautiful surroundings in choosing a theme, and perhaps have yourself a luau after all. You can make the party more enjoyable this way.

4. “How big or small will the party be?”

The size of the party is also a factor to consider.

There are themes that are better suited for intimate gatherings. An English tea party, for example, is ideal for smaller groups. Meanwhile, a carnival-themed party with rented bouncy castles, mascots, and other huge party components are perfect for bigger groups.

When you pair the right theme to the size of the shindig, you can expect your established budget to be easier to stick to – no matter how elaborate you get with the details for the party.

5. “How big is the party budget?”

This is a question that everybody should ask when choosing a party theme.

If you are working with a more conservative budget, you automatically decrease your options for themes. The décor alone, most of the time, would already use up a large chunk of the budget. Therefore, it will be difficult to execute a theme beautifully if you have strict budget limitations.

However, if you have a generous budget, not only do you get a larger selection of options, you also get the chance to take your theme in any direction. You can use higher end party supplies, offer a bigger variety of theme-appropriate food, and others.

Whatever theme you end up choosing for a birthday party, The Big Moo is more than ready to help.
Aside from being the leading event managing company in Dubai, we also offer a menu of party services and supplies.
Call us at 04 341 9935, and let’s work together in creating a get-together for the books!

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